Jogen Chowdhury

Born in the Faridpur district of present day Bangladesh in 1939.


Jogen Chowdhury born in 1939 in the Faridpur District of present day Bangladesh. Jogen graduated from the government college of Art and Crafts Calcutta, before leaving for art-studies once again to Ecole des Beaux Art Paris. Chowdhury moved to Delhi in 1972 as the curator of the art collection at Rashtrapati Bhawan.
He developed a very unique style of his own after returning from France and since then worked extensively with ink, water colour and pastel. The flowing line contouring flabby figures of men and women in provocative poses form a distinct characteristic feature in Chowdhury's style. The power and beauty of his technique lies in his use of colour to give volume to the figures and the fluidity of lines to depict sensuality of the forms. He plays the vigour of a strong pastel line against the richness of a pebbled ink treatment. And while his preferred idiom is the compelling black line – thick as a rope or cross-hatched like a net that will not allow the smallest nuance of emotion to escape he has also opened his frames to tints of muted grey, chalky blue and ochre.
Choudhury works mostly in oil and watercolours and ink. Chowdhury has also made a limited number of sculptures. Though he is predominantly popular for his line drawings in ink. 
Due to his long association with the handloom houses and because of his fascination for design concepts in alpana works that he had learnt from his mother, Chowdhury’s works show unbroken lines. His figures are often distorted, abstracted and in colour-works he uses flat colours with contrasting hues.


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