Chandidas Bhattacharya

Be it depth and intensity of colour or the lusciousness of nature, Chandidas Bhattacharya’s works go far beyond the conventional definition of watercolour paintings. A vast range of techniques gets reflected in his work, which drips with colours of the imagination, giving you a glimpse of Neo-Romantics and Symbolists. The hills, sky or the figures in his paintings are creations of the imagination and not of nature. Every canvas mirrors the life of an optimist, who doesn’t make public personal tragedies. His three-decade-long stint as illustrator and cartoonist for a leading national newspaper has made his watercolours intricate rather than cut-and-dry efforts. Chandidas Bhattacharya has chosen the most democratic of mediums to experiment with images of light and its varying effects on landscapes, and in the process giving his inner vision a language.


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    • Celebration of World Photography Day BLINK - A solo exposition of Photography and Painting by SUVOMOY MITRA - Book launch of 'Photographyr Noksha Jukti Golpo' by SUVOMOY MITRA at 6 pm
      19 August, 2019 - 28 August, 2019
    • ADDA@MAYA session 41 - Adda with ANUTTAMA BANERJEE at 6.30 pm
      28 August, 2019
    • ADDA@MAYA session 40 - Adda EKANTE DOHAR at 6.30 pm
      21 August, 2019