Debashis Deb

Born in 1955 in Kolkata, Debasish Deb studied Visual Art in Govt.College of Art and Crafts in Kolkata (1974-1979).Debasish Deb joined ABP Newspaper group as an illustrator in 1979 and working their ever since. He is a renowned cartoonist who has held many workshops too. His published works mostly deal with humorous subjects and has brought him success in the world of Cartoon and Caricature.


On Going
Up Coming
    • ADDA with SWAGATALAKSHMI DASGUPTA ''Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu''
      10 October, 2018
    • ADDA with UPAL SENGUPTA ''You can also be a Cartoonist''
      26 September, 2018
    • ADDA with ANASUA CHOUDHURY ''Aaj Sudhu Gaan''
      19 September, 2018