ART WORK - 5th Annual Exhibition

The journey  started on the 25th of  January 2013.In  these  five years  of  its  existence,  Maya  Art Space  has  made  its  presence felt among  the art lovers and connoisseurs of this city.  Exhibitions and shows of eminent artists and art practitioners in  the  area  of painting,   sculpture,   installation and  photography  have  converted  this gallery into  a  cultural   hub   for  many. The  multiple exhibitions  at   Maya  Art  Space  over  the  past  five years communicates  its  relentless  efforts  to encourage  and  inspire  young art practitioners and  also  its  constant   pursuit  to   engage  in  a dialogue  with  the young as well as the experienced.

On  the  9th  of  March, 2018,  Maya Art Space celebrates its  fifth anniversary  with yet  another exhibition  of  works of art. The annual show titled ‘ART WORK’ will  feature  15  young  artists of  this    generation.   The   show   will    continue   till 18th March, 2018.