ADDA with Dr. MOUSUMI BANERJEE and Flag off ceremony of Satyarup Siddhanta

Dr. Mousumi Banerjee, a US based professor and researcher, is an internationally recognized
expert  in  the  field  of  cancer  research.  Her  academic work focuses on using mathematics,
statistics and computational science to advance cancer research and treatment. She is also a
singer, writer and an ardent lover of art.
At Maya Adda, Dr. Banerjee  will  talk about the connections between mathematics, medicine,
music  and  her  journey at  the  intersection of  these three  M’s to ultimately discover herself.


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    • ADDA@MAYA session 31 Adda with SRABANI SEN at 6.30 pm
      19 June, 2019
    • ART APPRECIATION COURSE 2019 Appreciation of Contemporary Art & Visual Culture
      06 June, 2019 - 16 June, 2019
    • ADDA@MAYA session 30 Adda with MADHUBONI CHATTERJEE at 6.30 pm
      05 June, 2019