“A WALK IN TIME” An Exhibition of Photographs by SUNIL K. DUTT

“A Walk in Time”


Abundant Art Gallery, London and Kolkata based Maya Art Space are going to organise “A Walk  in Time”, an exhibition of photographs of ace photographer Sunil K. Dutt. Dutt is a name to reckon-with, in the field of creative photography in India. Born in 1939, Sunil K. Dutt is best known as the photo chronicler of Saint Mother Teresa’s life and work. Dutt is also famous for his vignettes of Kolkata life. Beautiful colonial architecture, crumbling streets with the faded glamour of British India’s capital city till 1911, Calcutta (now Kolkata) is a romance trapped in time. We take a nostalgic look at the city through the lens of Sunil K. Dutt. His frames explore the charming character of Kolkata's numerous streets, bylanes, tea-stalls and street corners that give the city its life. Dutt deserves much greater applaud as a photographer as well as photojournalist in his more than fifty year spanned service in this field. Curated by emerging photographer Bivas Bhattacharjee, this exhibition will showcase 43 selected images from Dutt’s oeuvre of more than 25000 works spanning several decades.

The exhibition, co-sponsored by DNV Industries Pvt. Ltd., is the first in several years to present exclusively Dutt’s lens-view on Kolkata & the Mother of Kolkata.In fact this will be the first of a series of international exhibitions in London, Italy, France & other European countries on octogenarianDutt’s work endeavoured by Abundant Art Gallery& Maya Art Space.

The exhibits, some of which are previewed here, are all in black and white. "I prefer shooting in black and white because it is challenging. In just simple light and shade you have to bring out the entire range of colours, tones and textures," Dutt says.

The exhibition will commence on 13th of December, 2018 and will continue till 23rd of December, 2018. Connoisseurs would be delighted with the display of some of Dutt’s highly acclaimed work which will also be autographed by him.