Date : 13 September, 2013 to 22 September, 2013

Confluence, as the word suggests is like an amalgamation or a mixture of various ideas. Just like the confluence of several distinct water bodies, various art forms mingle with each other to give birth to spectacular creations.
Our very identity has become a confluence of ideas, philosophy, shapes and forms which structures our life and guides our daily chores. When the old and the new come together, displaying their marvelous pieces of art as a reflection of their wonderful personalities, such a confluence gives us an opportunity to experience the brilliant spread of artworks and look beyond them with our sensibilities. Just as interconnection of various art forms is 
necessary in the growth of an artiste, confluence of minds is the primary force behind path breaking creations.
The group exhibition of painting and sculpture, ‘Confluence’ at Maya Art Space promises to lend a platform to twenty three artists, young and celebrated, to collaborate amongst themselves with ideas, philosophy, shapes and forms and above all their minds.
Confluence, an exhibition conceived and curated by Madhuchhanda Sen
is the meeting point of the young artists’ thoughts and works with the 
creations of the well known artists of our times.
Be a part of this confluence from Friday, 13 September to Sunday, 
22 September 2013, everyday between 2pm and 8pm

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