About Maya Art Space

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Maya Art Space in the heart of Kolkata will showcase well curated shows to bring to focus a more pointed direction of issue based areas rather than one more event in the calendar of exhibitions. Together our policy will be to respect old talent and discernment of new promise and application of an enormous care to put contemporary Indian art before the public in a balanced, coherent manner. The main concern here should also remain to a scrupulous study of Indian art in order to perceive the significant strands in its development and to view the art today against that broad perspective. The main aim would be to showcase a body of work resulted from a piling up of images in an ambivalent language that facilitates the seizure of aesthetic and cultural meaning and introduce new media artists who have always seen their practice as an attempt to make changes in the perception of the social and cultural future through their interaction with the audience.

Maya Art Space, under the mentorship of Madhuchhanda Sen, is committed to nurture and support the lesser and unknown talents in the field of various art forms together with exhibiting the Masters that helped in the construction of our cultural, social and national identities which is rich and invigorating.